Ode to chia seeds

Ode to chia seeds


The most amazing food (yes I know I’m late to the party, but at least I’m here) evaaaar.

See, they start out as these weird lil poppy seed/sesame seed looking things, then you put them in a liquid and they turn into the funkiest gel you’ve ever seen. Or felt. Even thinking about them makes me go funny. And when you shake them, they’re all wibbly and jelly-y. And even when they’re dry they’re still the coolest texture, because if you stir them or squeeze the packet, they move around like silk. It’s mental. Try it.

But I’m not here just to talk about how excellent they are.

I LIED. Yes I am!

I made these little chia pot samples yesterday.


Holy damn they are good! I used light milk (our full cream is off), manuka honey and cinnamon mixed with black chia seeds. Left to right the other ingredients in the pots are dried cranberries, goat’s milk yoghurt and dates. I mistakenly tagged the dried cranberries on Instagram as craisins, which led Ocean Spray to thank me for using their product… sorry Ocean Spray, these ain’t your craisins, I got them at Hill Street. Such a catchy name though, props to their marketing humans.

My two favourites were the yoghurt and the dates. I had the date pot today, which meant they had softened up heaps and gotten even more moist, which made for an ultra-pleasant tasting experience. Did I just say moist and pleasant in the same sentence? Help…

I used a recipe that I found on One Hungry Mami‘s blog, which worked really well. The ingredients were super tasty, and I also tried an apple juice and honey combination with the black chia seeds. Iwas concerned that it would taste really silly, but in fact it reminds me of Fruits of the Forest gel (yeah, it’s baby food. Really good baby food). I’ve kept my apple juice chia pud in a jar in the fridge (which I think is a genius idea; it means I can dip into it at breakfast time to put it with my yoghurt and also any other time – I can have a spoonful of it as a tiny quick snack!) so a piece of advice – keep chia pudding in your fridge. Always.

The thing that really inspires me about chia seeds is that they’re so versatile and more importantly, forgiving. So basically, if you pick a liquid that you like the taste of, it’s going to work with chia seeds. Especially if you mix a little extra sweetness like honey (my favourite) in there. I can’t wait to keep trying out new combinations, and I’ll keep you updated with my new favourites every time I find one. I’m also very keen to try making some savoury chia puds. Not sure how they’ll turn out, but what’s life without some risks?


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